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As a visual artist your equipment are your tools for telling the story as best it can be told and for self expression. With experience and good tools, you can squeeze every drop of quality out of each piece of equipment.
After more than a decade in the media industry, rest assured that we'll utilize the exact tools and crew to fit within your budget, while delivering the highest caliber images and messaging possible.

Sony FS7 4k Cinema

Sony A7 III 4k Mirrorless

Vinten Fluid Head Tripod


Jib 6 to 9 ft

Atomos Ninja 5"

Rokinon Cine DS Prime Lenses

Canon L Series IS Lenses

Sony E-77 Lav Mics

Sennheiser Wireless G3 Lavs

Rode Shotgun Microphone w/ boompole

Macbook Pro, 3.3ghz i7 processor, 16gb RAM, SSD

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